Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decorate On A Budget... Living Room

Darling details
Today I continue to bring home my ABM House Tour
and share all the details with you- my lovely readers!
Our home has been furnished and decorated on a very tight budget.
Its half the fun for me; to be able to find things I love without spending our life savings. :) 
So I will share where I got everything and how much it cost, 
to show that it doesn't cost a fortune to have lovely things! 
Enjoy! :) 
In love with this living room
Today let's talk about the living room!
Vintage Couch: Thrift Store with coupon- $12.50
Vintage Doily: Grandma's Craft Rm- $0
Fabric Bird Decals: Made by me- $6.49
2 Curtain Rods: Target Clearance- $14/each
4 Curtains: Made From Target Clearance Flat Sheets- $4/each
Throw Blanket: TJMaxx- $16
Cream Pillow: Thrift Store- $3
Plus Pillow: Made By Me Using Scraps- $0

I watched clearance racks for a while for extra long flat sheets to make into curtains. I was pleased to find them for $4 each! They were more white, and I slightly dyed them with tea. Then I just folded the top over, and sewed one straight line for a curtain rod to go through. I love them! 
I also love how my doily from Grandma adds texture and interest to the space above my couch. For so cheap!! 
P.S. The book (A Long Piece Of String) and the toy (Sophie The Giraffe) are both from Amazon
Darling dots on the wall
Bramin Rocking Chair: Garage Sale- $10!!!
Natuzzi Loveseat: From my Aunt- $100
White Pillow: Made by me from an old sheet- $0
Lamp: Made by Mr. Liv- $11
Basket: Gift from Aunt- $0
Grey Throw: Thrifted- $2
Coral & White Throw: Gift from Mum- $0
Clock: Wedding Gift- $0
White Branch Decor: Thrifted- $4
Hourglass: Home Goods- $7
Lil Mushroom: Traded at Craft Sale- $0
Fireplace Update: By Mr. Liv- $13
Fireplace cage thingy: Target clearance- $15
Wall Dots: Made by me- $2

Can you believe I got that rocker for $10!!! My lovely Mum found it for me at a garage sale. You can find similar ones on EtsyThis one here is very similar. My brother redid the underside of the seat for me using seatbelts from an old torn apart car. 
Mr. Liv made the lamp using an old lamp like this one. I found some wood balls at a garage sale, he drilled holes in them, shortened the lamp, stacked the balls onto it, painted it, added a Target clearance shade and tada!! 
Our fireplace was originally outdated brick. Mr. Liv covered it with concrete grout, just using a trowel. Then I painted it with paint I had chilling in the basement. The lines you see are just spaces that he left with no grout to make it look sorta like its three slabs of rock. Kinda. ;)
P.S. The toy arrow is made by me, and the toy wood duck was thrifted.
Neutral living room
Coffee Table: Dad made in High School!-$0
Mirror: Garage Sale-$10
Wall Flowers: Made by me- $0
Basket: Consignment shop- $16
Fuzzy Blanket: (Hawaii!!) Kmart- $20
Doily Throw: Gift from Mum- $0
Grey Tray: Consignment shop- $1
Wood Bowl: Consignment Shop- $1
Little Porcelain Deer: Thrifted- $2
White Frame: Garage Sale- $1
Gray Paint: Home Depot Oops Paint- $5
Couch on the right: Aunt- $200
Slipcover On Couch On Right: From a friend- $0
Buck: Mr. Liv- $? Does this count? Hunting is expensive... Mounts are expensive... Hmmm.

Work with things that you find or have in your home already!
Our local consignment shop clears things out for $1 after they've been there a while. I keep my eyes open for those deals and grab them up. 
These wall flowers are the first set I ever made, using found materials. Almost every person who walked into my living room commented on them, and told me I could sell them. So, I added them to my shop and well, I do sell them now! :) 

P.S. Those are just Hot Wheels cars in that bowl. :)
Love the wall hanging with birds

So my dears, everything (decor, not the kids!) that you see in these pictures cost me a grand total of: $501.99. That's it! And I am perfectly happy with it. 
Just like My Bedroom, I had to wait for each piece. I also had to deal with ugly stuff while I waited. But it is worth it! I can have a lovely place that I enjoy looking at, without going into debt. And you can too! It just takes patience. And lots of hunting around. :)

Next room up is my dining room... keep your eyes open for that!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Disclaimer: I did not include The Buck in the decor price... This is because it was not bought as a decor piece for me. It was Mr. Liv's. And it was hiding on the stair wall for years before I decided to embrace it and add it to my decor. Also, it would be hard to figure out an exact cost. There is all his hunting clothes, deer tags, bow and arrows, etc.. plus taxidermy! So. You get the point. ;) 


  1. you did such a great job! love it!

  2. Love this! Everything looks so nice. Can't wait to see the dining room.

  3. Love this! You have an amazing eye!

  4. This is just gorgeous! I've pinned your concrete grout idea - genius. Also my draw dropped when I saw your rocking chair! Thanks again for a tour of your beautiful home, I love it!

  5. Hey Sylvie!

    I found your blog via A Beautiful Mess and I love it.

    I am inspired by how you clearly post your home projects and how budget friendly they are.

    I also LOVE your DIY baby outfits. I am hoping to do one soon.

    You have a new fan :)

    Brook @ Mama Bee No E


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