Monday, February 8, 2016

Follow Me on Instagram

I've found it is so easy (and quick!) to share inspiration with all of you on Instagram. So fast and easy to share snippets on there. If you would like to hear from me more often, follow me on IG here!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hi in not sure if I'm commenting in the right spot! But I would LOVE one of these cookbooks! Just sayin that gives me an entry? Easy!

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by! Please comment at the bottom of the post above this one! I'll be using a random number generator to choose winner, so make sure your comment is in that line up of comments! You can comment just saying you'd like one, and then comment again, saying you're an IG follower. And A third if you follow on Pinterest. And a fourth if you are subscribed to theFAMILYlife. Good Luck!


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